Dying To Learn Scoping Review


Dying to Learn: A scoping review of breast and cervical cancer studies focusing on African Canadian women

What is a scoping review?

A scoping review is a study that often explores an uncommon topic. The purpose is to try and find all the research or reports about a specific topic, then describe the common themes and/or knowledge gaps.

What is HERC’s scoping review about?

The Dying To Learn scoping review objectives:

  1. Identify research on breast and cervical cancer in Black women over 10 years;
  2. Describe common themes and gaps in literature about breast and cervical cancer prevention and management in Black women; and
  3. Report common health disparities and promising practices


Status: Manuscript in progress, to be published in 2016

BOTTOM LINE: Overall, there isn’t much research out there on Black Canadians when it comes to breast or cervical cancer. The findings of the study were limited. But since we know that immigrants are less likely to get screened in Canada, including Black Canadians, the key take-home message is for Black women to get screened – get your pap tests and mammograms done regularly and on time.